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Mee and You

Mee and You, Networking together to build friendships and connections


The New Norm for Networking.

2020 was a crazy year full of upheaval for many businesses. Networking events gained a whole new face lift, as they had to move with the times. Mee and You grew stronger standing side by side to support women in business through thick and thin. Our events are like no others, together with Mee (Marie Elizabeth Edwards) and YOU, we are making an impact through online relationships, business connections, and friendships.

PAYG & Membership

Our online networking for women is a relaxed and fun environment to grow your business and get your business seen. I am so passionate about being authentic and open when sharing about you and your business and this is what helps builds friendships. After all, you're more likely to buy from a friend than a stranger!

Our Diamond Club membership helps us to build those friendships faster and also get valuable business support and referrals along the way.

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